Gutters are generally built to drain the water that is accumulated mainly during the rainy season. The excess water is drained with the help of these gutters and they possess various benefits which are needed for a stabilized and well-functioned society. When we build any building, we spend much amount on color, designs etc but an important feature when we build the house is the box gutters.

If you are building or renovating your home and want new gutter styles to choose from then one that you may have heard about but not know about it much is a box gutter. It is a gutter placed on the edge or middle of the roof and it is usually rectangular in shape and can hold the rainwater very efficiently and finally disposes of it with the help of the drain pipe into the drainage system. These gutters are extremely important because they save the building from numerous problems that occur due to water collection.

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Features and Benefits of the Box Gutters

Below are various features and benefits of the box gutters:

  • The Body of The Gutter: In these gutters, a new layer of the metal lining should not be placed over the old one. The metal should be first torn off then replaced for better longevity. If the metal lining is not replaced, then moisture can accumulate between the two linings. If there is a leakage within the gutter, then the wood should also be replaced. In place of wood, other materials like rubber etc should not be used as they may not be that much effective.
  • Versatility and Customization: These gutters are available in different shapes and sizes or you can get them customized according to your need.
  • Protection: During summer, when the heat is dominating outside, the box gutters save the house from direct heat on the rooftop. This saves the residents from the scorching sun. The gutters do save the house from moisture and help to increase the longevity of the building as they protect the roof efficiently and look after the maintenance. Thus, we can see that this system is beneficial for not only storing water but also giving the house a longer life.
  • Proper Flow of Water: There should be no blockage of water during high rainfall as it can enter the building if it does not have any place to escape. The way to the drainage system should be clean and smooth enough so the water can pass easily and there is no overflow. Thus, choosing materials which are most durable as well as cost-effective is very important. If stainless steel can be used in preparing the box gutter, then it can save the system form a major factor of failure i.e. corrosion. If the box gutters do not have a safe overflow system then it may be not a good system. Every box gutter should have a system in which the rainwater after being collected is discharged with ease.
  • Maintenance: Maintaining these gutters regularly is very important like maintaining other elements. The process of maintenance is necessary as to ensure that there is no presence of any debris so that the water movement is not restricted. Various items like leaves, nests can be present so maintaining these gutters is very important
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From the above points, it is clearly visible that these box gutters offer various benefits as they very easily dispose of the rainwater and it gives an opportunity to the builders to come up with new innovations of making the box gutters. Thus, by regular maintenance and following a proper system, a box gutter can be used effectively mainly during the rainy season to dispose of the collected rainwater and in summer to protect the building from the heat.