Interior Paint Color Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

For the best paint contractors and companies, choosing what color can be considered “trendy” in the coming year is an exciting phase. Not only does it involve forecasting a list of colors that would sell, but it also dictates what interior designers would use in the coming year.

Previously, designers have been introduced to jewel tones, calming neutrals, and punchy colors that pop. But what does it take to make such a decision? When you look at it, it is essentially a result of technological, architectural, and pop culture trends.

Just think about it: the ‘80s are dominated by flashy neon hues, the ‘60s filled with rocking pastels, and the ‘90s paint deck inspired by what we see in famous sitcoms.

Since a new decade is coming this 2020, it is only natural that a new collection of interior paint should be expected. So, without further ado, here are five paint color trends that interior design professionals and homeowners alike should watch out for next year:

1.   Pretty in Pink

While the height of the “millennial rose” fame passed in 2017, traces of it remain today and are expected to stay in interior decorations through 2020.

Aside from linen, cushions, vases, and lampshades, another aspect of interior design that is predicted to work well in pink is wall paint. In fact, it is one of the most common hues found in three major paint lines that have been introduced for the coming year.

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One paint company capitalized on the softer side of pink, while another opted for a more tactile shade that is reminiscent of velvet and can be paired well with metallic décor. Another firm, which released a posh blush pink, offers the color’s calm and optimistic vibe that most people look for in a home.

Based on color psychology, the use of pink in a room can also create a fine and fresh atmosphere, which results in a comfortable and soothing vibe. Some shades of pink also work best to highlight accessories or artworks while exuding a sophisticated and mature ambiance.

2.   Tranquil Blues

As one of the most relaxing colors, blue is also expected to continue as one of the most sought-after hues in 2020. In fact, one company that is considered a veteran in the paint manufacturing industry made navy blue their primary color for the coming new year.

Speaking of the nautical hue, a calming yet dynamic spin on the color called “Utterly Blue” offers oceanic vibes that can transform any room into a sea of tranquility with a similar ambiance as that of a spa.

For a more decorative finish, try out wall coatings that are specially formulated with pearlescent pigments that add elegance through a subtle shimmer on the surface.

3.   Spicy Yellows

Although yellow hasn’t always been popular in interior design, it is nonetheless present in the selection, either as a complementary hue or as an accent to the main color. Spicy yellows, in particular, are making a bigger splash in winter 2020 to add a bit of warmth to what would otherwise be cold rooms.

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Based on color psychology, two different shades of this color can result in contrasting effects on a person’s emotions. For example, pale or pastel yellows offer a bright and sunny disposition to anyone who enters the room. However, a darker shade of this color can dampen your mood.

4.   Calming Greens

When it comes to interior design, green is considered a safe – unavoidable, even – color of choice. It may be due to the hype over the calming effect of green indoor plants, but the fact remains that green is a highly-regarded choice in wall paint because of its nature evocations.

Take the aptly named “Back to Nature” color palette, for example. Inspired by the color of meadows, the paint company behind it aims to bring the refreshing color of nature indoors. This is one way to encourage a highly technology-reliant generation to reconnect with nature.

Another brand also has a couple of greens in its 2020 color trends list. Tempered Sage – a pale shade of green with a yellow undertone – is a sunny reinterpretation of the long-time interior favorite lime green. And then, there’s Secluded Garden, a vintage classic jewel tone that offers a comforting yet luxurious vibe.

When paired with other nature-derived hues like beige, brown, and blue, green interior wall paint will definitely create a relaxing space.

5.   Go Neutral with Grey

As always, neutrals will still be in this coming 2020. To be more precise, black and grey tones are expected to bring elegance and timeless beauty to both residential and commercial spaces in the coming year.

This may be because neutral tones are easy to marry with other colors. For example, one company’s Grey Brook wall paint best complements wood tones and other nature-derived hues. This close-to-soft-blue color exudes a comfortable and casual vibe, much like your favorite acid-wash denim jeans.

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Interior Color Trends That Never Fade

Some colors only become famous within a certain generation, while others remain in style through the years. If you noticed, many of the colors listed in this trend list are either timeless classics or indispensable shades that always make a room look more beautiful. In interior design, it is safest to choose colors that never fade – figuratively, of course.