Exterior Maintenance Tips

The outside of your home is as important as the inside. Before going inside your house, visitors, mail carriers, and even your neighbors notice its exterior design. However, home exteriors do not only consist of aesthetically-pleasing decorations and ornaments; there is a more technical part when it comes to home renovations. These are the parts of your home exterior that requires consistent maintenance to function properly.

If you have little or no background with regards the maintenance of your home exterior, you do not need to worry because we got you covered. Here are a few tips on how you can maintain the exterior of your house.

Make sure to have a checklist– To know which part of the house needs furnishing or fixing, it’s better to have a checklist that follows an easy step-by-step guide that tells which exterior part of the house needs to be checked first. Having a maintenance checklist ensures that you are doing things with organization. Checklists may vary depending on the season of the month.

You can visit this article to have a guide on the parts of the house you need to observe, check, and repair for every season.

Be sure to check the roof- Living under one roof is not just a figurative statement. You literally need a roof as a shelter to the sunlight and the rain. Make sure that you repair that roof whenever there are signs of leaks. Leaky roofs often lead to water destroying ceilings and running down walls. If the smallest leaks on your roof are not immediately repaired, you might face bigger problems like mold infestations, damaged ceilings, and destroyed sheathings so make sure to call your roof contractor regularly for repairs. It is also advised to check your roof on a regular basis.

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Unclog your gutters– After every fall, there are chances that dried leaves and small tree twigs might be stuck inside your gutter causing for it to clog, especially its drainage if there is no downspout cage present. Clean and remove unnecessary materials in the gutter to prevent it from blocking the path of the water. If your downspout cage is already damaged, make sure to replace them immediately. For clogs occurring on downspout elbows, clean them with plumbing snakes or pressure washers with a telescopic stand.

Don’t turn your lawn to a jungle- Treating your lawn with proper care is important because it adds to the overall appearance of your house. The best way to trim the lawn is, of course, using a lawnmower. It would help if you also get rid of those parasitic weeds during the early days of summer to prevent it from growing and taking the nutrients away from your grass. Moreover, do not forget to rake fallen leaves and turn on the sprinklers for your garden. It is also an option to call a landscaper if you want flowers, bushes, and other plants added to your front yard.

Keep your windows neat and tidy– Having clean windows is an extra decoration for your house. We’re not talking about the windows seen from the inside but also the exterior part of the house as well. Cleaning the windows from the outside preserves its life from weather damage, pollution, and rust. However, cleaning the windows is somehow a pain in the head for families that have windows in the hard-to-reach areas. Hiring a window cleaning service is a great option too to at least prevent yourself from falling.

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Inspect the foundation– Inspecting the foundation of your home is essential to prevent further damage as time goes by. The foundation is prone to cracks due to moisture that can either swell or shrink the soil, causing movements and misalignments to parts of the house. If soil moves uniformly, there should be no problem, but if only one part is affected by soil shrinkage/swelling, there are more chances of having a wall crack. Make sure to contact a foundation repair contractor if ever you’re your foundation needs repair such as slabjacking and piering. It does not take a whole day to inspect your home for small cracks and damages. If it ever has some, better to fix the problem sooner than later to avoid more expensive repairs in the latter. If something needs to be repaired, never hesitate to call your repairman. After all, the safety and reliability of your home should always be you top priority.

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