Best Mid-Century Modern Bedroom

Ah, mid-century modern. It’s full of color, unique art, and fun lines that draw the eye and spark conversation. Many mid-century modern rooms or homes also have a minimalistic feel that celebrates open spaces.

So, if you’re looking for the best mid-century modern bedroom items from Wayfair, make sure that you’re choosing intentional pieces that celebrate your space without overwhelming it.

Let’s explore what Wayfair has to offer for mid-century modern bedroom pieces.


Art in the bedroom should be calming and speak to who you are. Pieces that fit on the walls without crowding the space and that play off of the other colors in your design scheme bring your mid-century modern bedroom together and let you enjoy your space.

IDEA4WALL Mid-Century Geometric Tropical Landscape

The colors in this mid-century wall art let the mind and body relax while inspiring creative thought. Hang them next to each other or separate them onto multiple walls in the bedroom. You can even move them around when you need a quick and easy freshening up of your mid-century modern bedroom.

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Mid-Century Shapes IV by Melissa Wang

Mid-century art is all about abstract shapes. Artists put their feelings and perceptions onto the canvas while allowing the viewer to draw their own conclusions. This piece has many shades that draw on other elements of your mid-century modern bedroom without detracting from other pieces.


Wayfair has over a hundred mid-century modern mirrors that work with any space. Whether you want a mirror to hang on the wall and double as art or if you’ve got the floor area for a full-length piece, mirrors open up space and make it feel larger.

Rectangle Metal Floor Mirror

This floor-length piece fits perfectly in a corner nook or as the central focus of a mid-century modern bedroom. Its dark color and minimalist frame mesh perfectly with your other mid-century modern bedroom pieces. A bonus? It can also be hung on the wall when you want to re-do your space!


Dressers are essential for wardrobe storage, especially if you have a small closet. Plus, they double as shelving and decoration space. These mid-century modern dressers from Wayfair bring class and funk to your bedroom.

Johnathon 6-Drawer Dresser by Wrought Studio

Although mid-century modern pieces have clean lines, some of the funkiest options play on these lines to give the eye a special treat! Each three-drawer column is the same size, but the offset handles of this dresser make you look twice. This piece also combines the classic brown-and-white mid-century tone.

Beauvallon 5-Drawer Dresser by George Oliver

This mid-century modern piece by accomplished furniture designer George Oliver is sure to make you enjoy putting away your clothes and getting dressed for work—whether or not you have a job as high-class as Mad Men. The right-side aligned handles give an interesting aspect to this chest of drawers. Nothing in your bedroom could ever be considered boring when paired with this piece!

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Nightstands are a bedroom staple. Everyone needs somewhere to put their water, nighttime reading, and maybe a cute plant or two. Wayfair has dozens of mid-century modern nightstands that highlight large shapes while still showing your creative design side.


Mags Solid Wood Nightstand

This Scandinavian-style nightstand uses a mid-century modern design while also highlighting the natural beauty of the wood. If you like clean lines that let you hide all your belongings behind a drawer or cupboard, this nightstand shuts them all up neatly so your brain can relax.


A rug brightens up any space, especially if you have wood or laminate in your bedroom. Even if you have carpet, a small colored mid-century modern rug can brighten up the space perfectly.

Britteny Mid-Century Modern 1342 Orange Area Rug

This area rug comes in a variety of sizes so it’s easy to fit into any mid-century modern bedroom. You could even use it as a runner in the outside hallway to introduce your space!

West Valley City Striped Shag Tufted Rug by Langley Street

Blue, gray, and cream hues go well with the brown, gold, and white materials most common in mid-century modern bedrooms. Place this shag rug at the foot of the bed or near a desk or dresser for a soft spot to rest your tired feet.


No bedroom is complete without a bed! The bed is often the centerpiece of the room, and mid-century modern beds make everything else in the room flow with the same style. 

Buzia Mid-Century Modern Walnut Finished Platform Bed

This one draws the eye while still leaving space for other elements. Its spindle legs give off the feeling of a cool couch or chair, and the headboard is unique while saving space above for some mid-century modern art.

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Euba Baxton Studio Sadler Mid-Century Modern Platform Bed

This unique bed shows off the crisp wooden lines that make mid-century modern so pleasing to the eye. Plus, it has the interesting touch of side rails. It’s sturdy but lightweight, allowing the smallest of legs to support the entire bedframe.

Bring Your Bedroom to Life with Wayfair’s Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Mid-century modern pieces are one of the most interesting choices to add to a bedroom space. The best mid-century modern bedroom items from Wayfair bring classic style with a bit of funk to your sleeping space. They allow you to relax while enjoying your unique design flair and selection of pieces that speak to a time past. Find the best deals on Wayfair’s Mid-Century Modern Furniture at Spoken and never overpay online.