Best Movers Near Me

When you have searched the internet thoroughly for “best movers near me“, chances are, you have a bunch of companies on a list and you have to plow through them to select which best fits your moving needs and budget. If you are on a tight schedule, it is advisable to decide on a team that can help you make the relocation process faster. Otherwise, you might pay the price for the delay. Be aware that sometimes rented apartments can increase the monthly rent if you fail to arrive on the date agreed upon.

A U-Haul which is an American moving truck, trailer, and self-storage rental company is often used by professional moving companies to transport customers’ belongings whether across states or beyond. When hiring movers, inquire if the rent for the U-Haul and the fuel expenses are included in the fees. It can also provide moving supplies such as boxes and packing materials, moving assistance such as basic installation and even self-storage units and other services.

Rent a moving truck from U-Haul then hire professional movers

Since moving is a project with a lot of interrelated parts, you need a game plan to win. If money is not a problem, better to avail of all options that can make it easier. Hiring movers who can identify the necessary steps you need to take with clarity and execute them with precision will not only make the moving process faster, but it will also take away a lot of pressure and stress on your part. This way you can focus on other things that need your precious time.

If you are worried about your budget, you can always opt to hire movers per hour to save money. Most local movers offer at least two workers for a maximum of two hours at low prices or at about $240.

Another good reason to hire movers is that they have the skill and experience in making sure your belongings are loaded efficiently in the moving truck, making maximum use of the space available while ensuring breakables are placed on top of sturdy items. They can take over the heavy lifting for you.

Prepare before packing and engaging moving help

If this is your first time moving to a new city, chances are, you have accumulated a lot of belongings. This may mean you need more time to pack and certainly, additional sturdy boxes to put your things in. If your rented apartment in your new city is smaller than the current one where you live, be ready to look for storage options.

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Before you book a packing service and ask for help, a simple way to reduce expenses would be to declutter and discard non-essentials. Ask movers if their services include deep cleaning aside from loading of belongings to trucks. Another way to make moving more affordable is by looking for local moving companies that offer workers who can provide various services and charge by the hour.

Do movers bring their own dolly?

A hand truck or dolly for boxes and floor dolly, which is flat for furniture, are standard equipment used by movers. Most moving companies will bring all their own supplies, including dollies, hand trucks, moving blankets, door stops, and tools for disassembling furniture but expect this to come at a cost. If you are looking to cut back on expenses, you can ask your moving company if you can supply the tools instead of them bringing their own.

What is Safeload protection?

Safeload is a coverage option for vehicles and its load to ensure both are safe. It has different coverage limits from which customers can find the right moving insurance coverage for them and for their upcoming move. This will ensure that both the vehicle and the cargo will arrive safely in its destination or if the unexpected happens, compensation is possible.

When you are moving to a new state, no matter how securely you have packed your boxes of belongings, there is still a possibility that your things might sustain damage or get lost while in transit. This is where Safeload protection comes in. You can look for a moving company that offers this coverage or you can purchase this separately on your own. We recommend availing of this coverage especially when you have expensive and fragile valuables like antiques, paintings, and heirloom pieces. Although this can help reduce anxiety on your part, be ready to accept the unexpected when it happens.

Why should one engage moving labor companies and professional movers?

Some people may attempt to complete the moving process all by themselves. However, if you have a tight relocation schedule, you should let professionals handle the difficult and tedious parts. Doing a trial and error-based strategy can be costly in the long run. A moving company offers helpers and a team of experts who can do the labor on your behalf.

  • Benefit from professional movers’ skill, expertise, and experience
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Leave it to the professional movers who by now have a tried and tested system for relocation. Organization and logistics are important if you want a successful moving process. By hiring a professional moving help, you will not need to start from scratch. They know which insurance will be best for securing your valuables. This is especially important for out-of-state moves.

  • Prioritize your mental and physical wellbeing

The moving process can be overwhelming. You need to look for a new house which should be near or reasonably accessible from your office. You also need to familiarize yourself with the drive or commute from your new house to your new office. If you have kids, you also need to look for a new school and help them adjust to an environment that is strange to them.

If you are juggling a lot of responsibilities already, like most people are, you can protect your mental health and energy by hiring professionals. Do not let moves affect your health. Ask for help and hire moving help.

  • It is cost effective and time efficient in the long run

Since relocation, even for local moves, will involve a lot of things to do, it is easy to rack up charges you did not anticipate. This may be due to lack of necessary equipment or readily available advanced technology and know-how. Imagine needing a mini forklift to load and haul a large item to moving trucks. Will you spend a lot for something you are most likely never to use ever again?

Surprise costs can also be due to lack of available manpower. If you need someone who can load and unload your television and your building does not have an elevator, you have no choice but to look for help at the last minute. Attempting to lift heavy furniture when you are not used to physically strenuous activities may pose a safety hazard.

  • Choose to spend the time with family and friends

The number of things you need to do for your relocation will eat up time for your family. On the average, it takes 3 to 5 days for a 3-bedroom apartment. These are full days dedicated to packing, not just 2 to 4 hours per day. This can affect relationships and lead to what could otherwise be avoidable conflict. If you hire helpers to take care of the tedious and endless errands, you can relax in your new home while movers take care of loading and unloading the heavy boxes you will bring.

  • Focus on your job
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Do not endanger your job security and work performance just to save on costs. If you are a junior employee in your company or a newly hired employee, you cannot afford to appear to slack off and fail in your deliverables.

  • No need to purchase or budget for incidental expenses

Most professional movers offer packing services which already include furniture pads. They can properly pack your fragile items so these will survive in one piece while in transit.

Unlike these companies who not only invested in relevant trainings and equipment for their movers, you do not have the full capacity and know how to carry out the tasks essential for your relocation. This is true even for experienced movers. Seek professional help even weeks or months before moving day.

Tips in choosing a moving company

While prices for services are often deal breakers, understand that this is not the only factor you should consider especially when your relocation needs to be completed within a set of business days. Of course, on the average, long distance moving will cost you more money but beware also of hidden charges.

Most companies can provide loading and unloading services as well as heavy lifting as part of their moving package. They can even haul your heavy furniture and hire moving trucks on your behalf. Moving help is usually paid per hour so you can anticipate how much labor will cost you depending on the number of hours it will take to load and unload from your current location to your new city.

Request to review the credentials of the worker and do a wide search for online reviews from former customers before booking their services. After all, you will be opening your home to these workers and personal safety should be a priority.


When you need to look for a new home it can either be an exciting adventure or an overwhelming project. Moves are often tedious and exhausting. Book the best option available based on your budget.In general, doing thorough research can help you avoid moving scams. Look for reviews from an independent website. Ask people whose opinion you can trust and who have moved before to recommend a moving company. Request for tips on how to find honest and efficient moving help with services you need to either move cross country or within the same city. You can start your search with the Community Labor Partnership by calling (888) 314-5128. They offer excellent quality of services for your upcoming move.