Do you want to hang a fairy light in your yard or backyard, but don’t know what your yard would look like? Or you do not know how to do it? This comprehensive guide allows you to have all the answers you are looking for when changing your garden, patio, or backyard. With some creative ideas, you can celebrate your next party in a bright, cozy and beautiful garden.

However, it can be a little difficult to figure out what kind of lights to buy, how many to buy and how to attach them. This article is a compilation of all of them. Here are some ideas.

Which lamp should I buy?

This is a very popular question and the first question to ask yourself when deciding to light up a garden. LEDs are ideally suited for this, they last for a long time, and sometimes last for years. If you want to illuminate your garden all year round, for years, or for commercial purposes such as events, you are making the right choice here.

The best thing about cheap patio lights is that they won’t sway or be damaged by the wind. Under the roofs of pergolas and pavilions on covered terraces, children’s playhouses and fortresses, hanging from fences, hanging directly from houses and buildings, you can rely entirely on them to meet your needs.

Another advantage of these smaller, cost-effective fairy lights is that they are definitely cuter, lighter, and require less storage space when not in use. If you live in harsh or windy climates, gusts and rains will definitely bother you every year.

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Which colors should I choose?

Indoors or outdoors, “warm white” bulbs are suitable. Light bulbs are often labeled with “Lighting Specifications” on the back of the package. For best results, place bright colors in your garden to complement the warm tones of the spectrum. If the box does not have these specifications, there is no problem.

All you have to do is make sure you need a warm yellow / orange glow that resembles the color of a natural flame. When you get something with a “daylight” or “cool” effect, it’s bluish and the garden isn’t as impressive as the warm light effect.

Where should I hang the string light?

One of the many benefits of adding cafe lights to your outdoor living space is that they are casual and unpretentious. If it is important to arrange the lights in a symmetrical pattern throughout the garden, be sure to do so.

However, if the placement is more free and unbalanced, it will look better. In any case, the first thing you need to do is make a plan to know the exact number of lamps and hardware needed to create a beautiful garden. Start by measuring and drawing a rough sketch of your garden. The sketch does not have to be very accurate. You can create rough sketches that do not require special drawing skills. If you like casual looks and have trees around you, just light the branches. This is probably the most convenient and least complicated way to hang a lamp or light. If the light set is long, it can be supported by a cable. If your cafe doesn’t have trees or pillars to install the lights, you’ll need to add rods. You can easily get the rod at a nearby store. If you can’t dig a hole in the ground, you can buy a special tubular light string.

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This is a simple, ultra-lightweight variation of a regular light string. This is the perfect solution for rentals, outdoor parties, wedding receptions and more. If your deck has railings, you can add DIY posts to your existing railings to add height. If your outdoor living space has a roof, installing many lights is even easier. The good thing about the covered space is that the roof blocks some light and protects it from the wind. Industrial lights have a hole above each bulb that can be installed by simply driving a nail diagonally. The head of the nail is small enough that you can remove or replace the light without removing the nail.

Some tips…

When everything else is in place, first turn on the lamp and screw in the bulb. It’s easy to break a light bulb while hanging a wire. In fact, industrial lighting has a light bulb in a separate box. Hang it in an empty box to store the lamp during the off-season. The industrial light chain is in a separate box with a divider to protect the bulb. You may need to experiment a bit with the number of lights you need for a particular area. For most people, the goal is a nice soft glow. Remember that too much light will attract insects.

Final thoughts

We all want our space to be comfortable, cozy and attractive to our guests. Fairy Lights are a great way to do this without much effort. With simple techniques and a little creativity, you can present your beautiful backyard, patio or garden to your visitors. You can also try out the smart lights that are on the market these days.

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Like many other smart devices such as smart cameras and ring video doorbells, smart lights allow you to control and manage them with a finger tap on your smartphone, while saving energy at the same time. You can change the color according to the desired atmosphere of your garden, so it can be a good addition to your garden along with the fairy lights.