Bunk Beds For Kids.

When you have a limited number of bedrooms yet, there are multiple people living there, the bunk bed could provide you with a great relief in this case to accommodate everyone easily. Bunk beds for kids especially solve the problem of lack of space since, kids find it easier to sleep in a bunk bed.

But safety concerns will always be there when it is about kids. Bunk beds for kids are also no exception and there are many aspects that you need to take care of so that your kids are safe while sleeping in a bunk bed. These efforts will ensure that bunk beds for kids will always be safe and you need not to worry about the safety aspect of your kids.

Bunk Beds For Kids.
  • Using guardrails: Guardrails are one of the primary safety element of bunk beds. Even if we talk about the minimum safety, there should be guardrails for bunk beds for kids on the top level so that the kid does not fall or get injury because of falling. These guard rails should be of following features to say the least:
  • The guardrails should extend at least five inches above the level of the mattress. This will ensure that the rails will be at proper heights and the kids will not fall from the level.
    • The guardrails should contain only one opening to get into or get out of the bed. This will ensure more safety when you are planning the kids to sleep on bunk beds.
    • The width of the opening is also important to consider. The width of the opening should not be more than 15 inches.
  • Mattress foundation: Bunk beds for kids should have a strong foundation. It should be sturdy and firm. The size of the mattress also plays a crucial role in the safety features of a bunk bed. The size of the mattress should be appropriate for the foundation or otherwise various other issues may arise.
  • Age limit: The age limit is more crucial when we talk about the top level of the bunk beds for kids. If you have kids who are under six years old, then they should not be allowed to sleep on the top level of a bunk bed. It has been observed bunk beds kids related injuries mostly occur when the kids are under six years old. Hence, age must be taken into consideration when we talk about bunk beds for kids.
  • Installing a night light: Bunk beds for kids should include a night light so that the kid can climb up and down without the need to carry any other lights. It will ensure even at night, kid will be able to get in or get off from the bed without any worries.
  • No playing on the bed: The parents should take note that, there should be no playing/jumping on the bed. It is to put emphasis on the safety of the bunk beds when there are kids sleeping on it, especially on the top level. It does not matter if the kid is boy or girl but what matters the most is the fact that, there should be no jumping up and down on the bed at any circumstances.
  • Parents should teach the safety rules to the kids and be observant: The parents should make safety rules for the kids while using the bunk bed and make sure that the kids follow the rules. If there is another kid to stay over, then that kid should be taught about the safety rules so that he can comply.
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Thus, keep these safety concerns in mind while you are out to buy bunk beds for kids. Make sure they follow the safety measures associated with the bunk beds and do not attempt any mischief, as it can be fatal.