Express your love and passion for writing by getting in touch with us. How? Well, it is simpler than what it sounds. All that you have to do is to write blogs for us and we will with utmost care post the same in our site. However, we would like to make it very clear that there will not be any kind of financial transaction for the blogs. Your blogs will be solely guest blogs. What you will receive in exchange of your blogs is huge followers and readers who will gain something out of your write-ups and follow you in future. The subject of your blogs will be interiors.

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Bell Interiors Guest Post Guidelines

There are some guidelines which you as a guest blogger will have to follow.

So here they are:

  • Your blog should be free of any kind of grammatical error.
  • It should be well articulated with simple and catchy words.
  • It should be informative and the sentences should be short.
  • The title of the blog must be short and catchy.
  • There must be sub-titles in the blog.
  • The blog should sound conversational and not just giving out information to the readers. It should sound like you are actually talking to the readers.
  • The word limit of the blog can go up to 600 words and not less than that.
  • If you use images, they should not be copyright by someone else or irrelevant ones. You need to make sure that the images are relevant to the subject of your blog.
  • Do not make the blog self-promotional.
  • The blog should be completely free of plagiarism.
  • You will have to include an author-bio mentioning your area of interest and relevant experience in it.
  • You will be required to send us your ideas or the topics you are going to write the blog on, before you actually start working on it.

What we will do?

  1. We will first go through the topics or ideas you send to us and if we find it good enough we will get in touch with you with a request to proceed further with the blog.
  2. Once you send us the blog, we will check it from all possible angles and if everything is good to go, we will publish it in our site and then republish it in our social media pages.

So, let us get in touch with each other and start working on the content.

Contact Us:  deborahbellinteriors@gmail.com