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Birthdays are special and we leave no stones unturned to make them mind-blowing for the hosts.But this creates a lot of crunch in the pocket. However, there is nothing to fret as birthday parties do not make it a mandate to create a huge dent in the pocket.

Indoor Birthday Party Tips

You can organise a party that is extremely special without spending massively and if you want to have an affordable birthday party what better venue will you find than your home!

With a little planning and organisation, you can pull off an indoor party with a minimum of property damage and headache. Just read on to know some of the things that you should consider.

  1. Time It Right – Timing is actually everything and the birthday parties happen to be no different. The most affordable birthday parties for parents are those that are held between 2 pm and 5 pm. At this point you will know that the kids have taken their lunch and for dinner it is too early, and this takes the pressure off you to provide. You can make this clearer by mentioning on the invite that snacks will be provided.
  2. Limit the Number of Guests – Keep the number of guests to a figure that you feel can sit around the table or in a circle on the living room rug. For an indoor party, you should want enough space for the kids to eat and a place for them to play. To accommodate more guests at the table, move the chairs and let the kids stand to eat and sing the Birthday song.
  3. Extend the Lead Time – Impulse buying and failed birthday party budget go hand-in-hand. If you want to avoid such circumstances where you are stressed and are in a hurry and have higher chances of spending big, try to increase the lead time on your prep as much as possible. Get some idea on things that you will need months before and then you have more chances of picking things when they are specially or highly discounted.
  4.  Reuse the Décor – Opt for décor that is non-theme based and that will help you to reuse the décor in case of future parties. Instead of purchasing a theme-specific birthday banner choose something with complimentary colours that you can reuse. Just choose a couple of things that are specific to the theme like the napkins and the plates and then reuse the décor in similar colours. You should also hunt for things in the house that can be related to the theme or have the same colour combination.
  5. Low Key Games Win – For the indoor games, keep the running around at the minimum. The great indoor games include Musical Chairs, Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Freeze Dancer, Pass the Parcel and Bingo.
  6. Make the Cake – Bakery cakes are cute but they are also heavy on the pocket. You can find the fun cupcake liners in coordinating the colours and you can even make some cupcake décor picks to stick on top of the cake.
  7. Opt for Purposeful Parting Gifts – Consider some way to incorporate the parting gifts to your party without costing too much. For example, you can create a colouring book for your party in relation to the theme where the little one can colour during the party and then take home with them. You can also make personalised water bottles or tiffin boxes that can serve during the party and the kids can also take them home.
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Indoor Birthday Party

The above are some of the tips for a budget-friendly birthday party for the indoors. Apart from the above, if you don’t have apt furniture pieces for the party at your home, don’t go for buying. Instead you should opt for a furniture rental company so that you can provide ample seating space as well as the apt décor and ensure that the little ones are able to enjoy to the core.