Creating a gorgeous, functional bathroom which is also easy to clean can be overwhelming, especially if you have a small space to work with. Small bathroom space is all about utilizing and optimizing square footage in the right way. Therefore, it calls for the right furniture for ample storage, wall-mounted units to be adjusted into small floor space, and accessories that do multiple jobs, like decorative woven baskets to place extra towels. 

If you are ready to remodel your small bathroom, these ideas will help you create a space you will like to spend time in.  

Change to a Pedestal Sink:

Many bathrooms are equipped with vanities offering storage behind closed doors and a countertop sink on top. While these vanities are functional and attractive in a spacious bathroom, they can eat up a lot of space in small bathrooms. 

If you want to make your space looks larger, go for a vanity with a stylish pedestal sink. These types of sinks occupy less space in the bathroom which in turn can make your small bathroom look bigger than it is. But keep in mind that pedestal sinks cannot be installed anywhere. Consult your bathroom remodeling contractor if the wall behind the sink location is robust enough to support the weight of the basin. 

Switch to Built-In Storage:

It is not easy to create storage in a small bathroom. Installing extra storage cabinets might not help as they can eat up a big part. Good thing is that you can bring in the built-in storage. Built-in storage lets homeowners increase their storage space in their bathroom without sacrificing valuable floor space. You can tell your bathroom renovator to build recessed shelving on an empty wall, such as above the bathtub or toilet. You can also add floating shelves in the corners of the room or behind the door. 

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Add a Larger Mirror:

Mirrors not only make your bathroom look bigger, but they also reflect more light back. A huge mirror that is 5 feet long and 3 feet high can easily be installed in most small bathrooms. Make sure to choose a frameless mirror as they add a feeling of big space. Check if they have a tarnish-resistant coating to protect against damp conditions in the bathroom. 

Add a Glass Shower:

Shower curtains and opaque shower doors can make your bathroom look much smaller as they break up space. One simple way to create the illusion of a larger bathroom is by adding a glass shower door. A simple glass shower door is a great option that creates a seamless feel in a modern space. 

However, if a glass shower door doesn’t fit your bathroom, you can still use the shower curtain and hang it as high as possible to make the ceiling look higher and the space bigger. 

Install Wall Mounted Toilets:

Not all toilets are the same. A standard toilet-tank combo will eat up a lot of space in your small bathroom, thereby making it look smaller. You can replace it with a wall-mounted toilet. Wall-mounted toilets not only save you a huge space as they don’t have a tank but also offer more legroom. 

If you are not a fan of a wall-mounted toilet, you can choose a slimmer tank toilet and make extra space by building shelving above the tank. 

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Light Up Space:

One key concern with a small bathroom is that they are not that welcoming. Sometimes they look gloomy. You can choose the right lights to make it inviting and vibrant. Therefore, replace your traditional lights with wall sconces, pendant lights, wall-mounted lamps, and even custom made lighting. A skylight can be installed to let more natural light flow in the bathroom. 

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So these are some simple remodeling ideas to accentuate your small bathroom also bathroom cleaning becomes easy too. What do you think? Drop your comments below. 

In addition to these helpful tips for your small bathroom remodel, please refer to the following infographic for common mistakes to avoid when building your new bathroom.

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