6 Home Décor Tips

Festivals bring so much of joy. The street are lit up, houses decorated, everyone is in a relaxed mood and everything seems great. But at the same time so much work has to be done. You need to plan everything in the short period of time and you want everything to be perfect. Here are simple hacks that can help you while decorating the home for the festivities.

Have a bright decorated living room

Living room is the place where all your guests are going to be seated and you don’t want it to look dull, especially during the festivals. Having more white light, fresh flowers and bright colours would be a good option as it makes the room look more breezy and casual and nice for a light party. The decor looks fresh and unique.

Traditional decor

If you like things old school, then you can continue with the traditional theme. Have dim lights, warm cushions around the sofa, with a burning pit and just be ready with some food and wine.There is nothing wrong with sticking to the traditional decor. The living room looks cozy and inviting and the fireplace with the rustic coffee table in the middle would still look great.


What can be better than adding some art to you room and by art I don’t mean you go fancy. I mean something that you have created yourself. Look for DIY videos online and create small pieces for your home by yourself. Nothing would make you feel more festive than seeing your work hang around the house. Plus, such occasions are a great time to show your friends and relatives your creative side.

If you are too creative, you can have the entire decorations made by yourself. Nonetheless, it would be fun to do something creative during the season.

Following the rooms colour palette

As you are planning the decorations for the house, there is one thing that you must pay attention to. If you want everything to look great, make sure you work around the colour palette. Randomly putting stuff would give a lousy impression of you in front of your friends and all your hard work will just go waste. If you think you cannot work around a theme, then look up for event production. They can help you organize everything perfectly. 

Be playful

Now, festivals are a time of joy and celebrations. Do not get so involved in planning the stuff that you forget to relax and enjoy. Work in a way you like and would be glad of. Do something that would make you smile and make you feel joyous. That is what it is about, not showing off your talent, but enjoying every second of it with your loved ones.

A special display

Since it is time for celebrations, you surely would want to capture the moment. You can have a special corner where you want to get clicked around with everyone. Or a corner where you would be playing games and stuff. This will add a special touch to your planning and give you the freedom to go as crazy as you want to. In the end, it is the time to bring out the inner child in you, and all we will say is have lots of fun and make it the best day for you.