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Home décor offers endless possibilities of creativity, aesthetics, function, and design. The spring season has arrived, and you may be feeling the urge to spice up your space. Learn more about our top 10 ways to update your home décor this spring with trending ideas and timeless style.

What’s Trending

1) Bring the outdoors in

An undoubtable trend this spring season is bringing the outdoors in with your home décor and design. Update your home décor by integrating rich, deep shades of natural browns. Select natural materials such as marble, leather, or wood in your pieces to add elements of nature to your space.

2) Textile texture

Our next design element you can add to your space is textile textures. Often, we think of adding patterns with textiles, but the texture is the key this spring. Look for home décor such as a jute rug to give grounded texture or soft velvet upholstery for added trending appeal.

3) Vintage and sustainable

Another great way to update your home décor this spring is to add vintage elements to your space not only as a trendy nod to the past but also as a sustainable option in decorating. Try finding one-of-a-kind vintage candlesticks to place on your mantle, a playful stack of vintage books, or perhaps a showstopping vintage vase to fill with delicate spring florals.

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4) Local artwork

Give a fresh perspective to your space this spring by adding some artwork from local artists in your area. This is not only a great way to support artisans in your zip code, but it also offers a fresh look in your home. Select handmade paintings, drawings, or pottery for a one-of-a-kind touch to your space.

5) Saturated design

Add some bold, moody, saturated colors into your home décor this spring for a new take on the traditional pastels we think of for spring. Rich hues of pink, green, and blue are shades that will add a bold touch to the room and keep you on-trend.

6) Statement checkers & stripes

Instead of common florals this spring, spice up your home décor by integrating statement checkers and stripes. Do this in the form of wallpaper, throw pillows, artwork, and more. The possibilities with this trend are endless. Be creative!

7) Lighting is artwork

Freshen your home décor by adding a bright aesthetic with a huge design factor. Select a fun floor lamp and treat it as art in your room. Or consider swapping your overhead light fixtures for an artistic choice to make a statement.

8) Pattern mash-up

Refresh your home décor by doing a fun pattern mash-up. Combine varying prints that don’t match, but rather complement one another. Think floral drapes, mixed with a checkered accent chair. This juxtaposition in design will make a statement and add interest to your newly refreshed space for spring.

9) Natural greens

A great, inexpensive way to update your home décor is to add nature inside in the form of potted plants. These natural green hues will ensure your color palette is on-trend, and plants also effortlessly liven up a space for spring.

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10) Well-being

When you’re refreshing your home décor for spring, consider the well-being of the inhabitants of the space. Focus on you and your family. Consider the influence our space has on our mental health and productivity. Thinking about this when designing your space is our final tip for refreshing your home décor for spring.
Updating your interior design may have you curious about property value and selling your home this spring. Before you decide to list, it’s important to find and select a top agent in your area.

This spring design refresh incorporates a lot of natural elements because of the benefits they provide. The graphic below explores our love for nature and how bringing nature indoors can have a variety of benefits to you.

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Infographic Provided By The Solar Energy Company, Route 66 Solar