Countertop and Cabinet Colors

As the adage goes, color is a power which directly influences the soul. More people are unaware of it, but certain colors affect our mood, our way of thinking, the way we feel, and the way we react in every aspect of our life. In fact, studies suggest that people wear colors based on how they feel or what kind of day it is, and when it comes to the physical environment, the color of the room can impact the way we can do our daily tasks and routines.

This rings very true in our house, especially in the area that is visited the most throughout the day – the kitchen. When it comes to kitchen design, the choice of color is one of the most important decisions that a homeowner will ever make, not only because it can impact the overall visual appeal of the room, but also for the fact that it can affect the mood of the cook whenever he or she prepares the meal for their family.

For many years, it has been established that earthy, warm and bright colors are the standard colors for the kitchen, that is why white and stained wood cabinets dominate the kitchen space for decades. These colors are not only effective in distributing natural light, but they also exude the feeling of hospitality and friendliness. They also help make the kitchen space look organize and clean, a trait not to be undervalued when the time comes you want to sell your home.

When it comes to choosing a kitchen color, there are two components in the kitchen that you would prioritize first – the countertop and the kitchen cabinets. These two occupies the most space so their color must complement each other to achieve a sense of uniformity and organization in the kitchen.

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Choosing a color for kitchen cabinets and countertops might seem like a time-consuming task, but there are, in fact, only a few factors that one must take into account when choosing one. First is the design layout you have in mind in case you will remodel your kitchen. As mentioned earlier, traditional kitchen designs often utilize classic kitchen cabinet and countertop colors, such as creams and whites. On the other hand, more current kitchen cabinet and countertop designs utilize bright and contrasting colors to create a sense of modernity and trendiness.

Another factor that should help you pick the color for your kitchen cabinets and countertops is your wall paint color. For instance, if your existing kitchen wall paint color is white, you would want to pick cool and contrasting colors for your cabinets and countertops to give the eyes a rest and offset the dreary atmosphere that white color creates. Regardless of your personal design preference and budget, your choice of color can significantly affect your mood once you step in your kitchen space. If you need more help, here is an infographic from Kitchen Cabinet Refacing, which provides us with some color combinations that you can use for your countertops and cabinets.