We all believe that the first impression lasts long. Well, this is right for your home as well. Your driveway is one of the first noticeable features of your home and can be viewed from a distance. Hence it makes sense to invest time and attention in making a driveway that is beautiful and pleasing to the eye if not grand.

Over the years, there is a fair bit of erosion your driveway faces from heavy vehicle weight, climactic fury and other factors that may give it a rundown and degraded look. If you see more cracks or potholes that you can count, its time you invest in driveway resurfacing. Wondering what exactly driveway resurfacing is? We bring you all you need to know about getting your driveway back in good shape.

What are the steps involved in driveway resurfacing?

Driveway resurfacing is the job of a skilled professional. Unlike some home improvement activities that are DIY, driveway resurfacing is best when left to the experts as a poorly done job can leave your driveway looking shabby and uneven.

  • Firstly, you need to start with cleaning your driveway and take out any festering algae, debris, weed or other such materials. Your resurfacing consultant may ask you to use certain specific agents to clean the driveway and leave it to dry for 24 hours before they begin the job.
  • The next step involves filling crevices, gaps or holes using a crack filler or a pothole patch material. The filling material, usually asphalt, is poured into the hole and evened out to create a smooth surface. A tamper is used to pound the hole and flatten it out, followed by finishing off the job with a primer.
  • Finally, your driveway expert will pour the resurfacing agent onto your entire driveway and spread it out evenly using a coater brush.
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How much does driveway resurfacing cost?

For a uniform asphalt driveway, expect to shell out around 3-4AUD per square foot for a basic resurfacing job. In the event that you are looking at patterns or colours, your cost may shoot up to 5-6 AUD per square foot. Driveway resurfacing is certainly a more cost-effective exercise compared to complete driveway replacement.

What tools are required in the entire process?

You can trust your driveway resurfacing expert to bring most of the specialised tools needed. However, on your part, you could keep a high-pressure water hose pipe handy. Also, make sure you use your leaf blower to clear off the area. A couple of buckets, water jugs, a utility broom and spare bits of cloth are what you could keep ready in case of a contingency.

Some tips to FAQs on driveway resurfacing are:

  • Undertake the entire exercise when you are absolutely sure of no rain one day before the procedure, on the day and two days after the driveway resurfacing exercise.
  • Make sure you wear old shoes if at all you intend on lingering around with your driveway resurfacing expert, as you will have to say goodbye to the pair.
  • Once the job is done, stay off the driveway until it is completely dry and cordon off the area to avoid pedestrians walking on it
  • If you see patches of your driveway that refuse to dry or are getting lumpy, best to call on the expert you engaged in order for them to take a look.

Driveways usually last at least for a couple of decades before they need to be resurfaced. So, once you’ve got the job done, you can be sure of a minimum 20-year hiatus from revisiting the situation again.

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