Even the most high-quality wood floors are subject to issues and problems over time. To begin with, wood scratches much faster and quicker than another type of flooring. There can be minor damages to the surface, structural errors over time and squeaks all of which need your attention. If not given due attention at the right time, they can culminate into a bigger problem and bigger expenditure for the owner. Daily wear and tear are normal for wooden floors. In addition to that, expansion and contractions also give rise to a different set of problems when it comes to wood-based floors. Wood is porous, fibrous and hence contracts and expands as temperature and moisture changes in the air. This sometimes causes loosening of the nails or boards. Such damages can be repaired effectively by professional wood repair services. Some repairs can even be done on a DIY basis depending on their enormity.

Repair Wood Floors with Quick Tips and Tricks

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Attention to Detail Is the First Criteria – The first criteria to effectively repair wood floors is attention to fine details. Repairs can be effectively done on numerous wooden types such as solid wood flooring, parquet-based flooring, laminate flooring, and many others. The main success factor here is to give complete attention to the exact nature of damage so that repair can be done accordingly. Understanding the fundamentals of the problem will give you a fair idea on the nature of wood floor repair.

Scratches to Be Handled with Care –Scratches are very common on wood floors. A minor scratch, however, can easily be done away with using steel wool or fine sandpaper grit removal papers. Ensure that you use these only on the region where the scratch has taken place leaving all other areas as it is. Feather out to the surrounding area only a bit. While repairing scratches you must also sand it in the direction of the wooden line so that the mix is even.

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Tips to Repair Wooden Floors

Cracked or Split Wood Floor Repairs – Hardwood floors over the years can develop cracks or splits in small areas on the surface. These can become prominent if not repaired. Such minor problems in wood floors can be repaired if you use some angular shaped nails to secure the two areas split together and place wood-based putty in between the cracks   to hide the blemishes which are visible. However, if your floor has a large crack then you can rethink of getting the floors refinished. If you feel the damage is big then you might want to replace wooden plans altogether.

Wash Boarding Technique for Raised Planks – Wash boarding or cupped wood situations may occur if planks of hardwood rise up. In such cases, some planks can rise, and some can even sink down. Cupped floors are often caused as there is a moisture imbalance in the environment. More water on the bottom area of the plank than on its top can give rise to such a condition. The solution to this problem is to balance out the humidity of space. As moisture content comes back to its normal levels, wood will too. You might consider getting professional help to do this as they are experienced in such kind of wood floor works.

When you need to replace totally rotten or damaged wood sections, then you must hire a wood floor service provider. This work covers cutting one area of the finished floor, nailing or gluing a new part to the subfloors in order to ensure that the surfaces and the cracks match and are refined with finesses. Anyone with no experience in such works can make the repair work ineffective and inaccurate. Expert service provides the necessary skills required for such a job as they can match old and new wood seamlessly.  Always seek the help of skilled experts if you are unsure of the problem or extent of damage to your wood floor.

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