7 DIY Coffee Table Ideas

A good cup of morning coffee is the best medicine for almost all problems and anxiety of any coffee-addict and undoubtedly, most of us are guilty of being one. But for the perfect partner to such a delight you need the perfect coffee table which is also a vital piece of décor for your living room.

Coffee tables come in all sorts and sizes but finding the right one for you and your home may just be a little tricky. But nothing to worry!

Luckily there is always the option of the DIY coffee tables that you can create all by yourself and which is bound to satisfy your personal taste and need without making a dent in your pocket.

So here 7 of the most beautiful and cheap DIY coffee table projects are presented, each one of which can be created easily and is suitable for a variety of requirements and liking. Just cast a look and you are bound to fall for one or more of them.

  1. Pallet Coffee Table – Just with the help of plywood (or MDF), wooden pallet and few other casters you can construct a cheap coffee table. For that you just need to install a plywood on the top of a wooden pallet for a smooth surface and add some wheels for making it mobile. To match your room’s current décor, you can paint the wood any colour.  The coffee table will fit with the wooden and rustic pieces as it is made from the recycled lumber. Overall the cost of pallet coffee table is minimum especially if you find pallet wood. The only costs are that of the plywood, paint and casters. Moreover, this is also a quick DIY project that can be completed in just a week.
  2. Door Slab Table – The door is one of the simplest recycled items that you can use for your coffee table. If it is still mounted to the frame you should remove the door first and refinish for enhancing the natural wood or give it a fresh paint coat. Then all you have to do is attach it to a table framework.
  3. Barrel Coffee Table -A barrel coffee table can enhance your living room ambience and offer a farmhouse look and feel to it. All you need for the project happens to be an old wooden barrel, some wood for the planks and base for the top. You should start by cutting the barrel in half and installing the semi-circle wooden cut-outs for the base.  Then to the cut-out barrel portion, you should attach the top of the coffee table. You can also use a few hinges if you want to use the barrel for storage. In a rustic milieu this type of coffee table works best and it only takes a few days to be constructed.
  4. Varnished Solid Wood Table – This type of a coffee table is inspired by the industrial pallets and made of varnished solid wood. Pallets have become a strong trend these days. You should use a more high-quality and stylish version and it comes with a hardened glass top. The table sits on four wheels and that makes it easy to move around.
  5. Polished Concrete Table – Polished concrete can be stamped and sealed, and you will get a modern and luxurious coffee table. These tables work well in the patio or in the more industrial styled rooms.
  6.  Suitcase Coffee Table – If you are looking for an antique look for your living room, then the suitcase table is what you are looking for. Old suitcases can transform into coffee tables by the simple addition of a few hairpin legs for raising it off the ground. You should start by cutting and installing one piece of plywood inside the suitcase so that one has something to drill to. After that, all you have to do is attach the legs on the bottom and you are good to go. You can use a little decoration for making this table a bit more attractive and inside of the suitcase can be used for storage.
  7. Wooden Slice Coffee Table – If you are looking for a small coffee table, then turning a wooden slice will do the trick. Attach the legs to the bottom of the wooden slice with screws and stain surface to the liking.  You can paint the legs a unique colour for matching the existing décor. The plants are great add-ons to the wooden sliced coffee tables as they bring out the natural and rustic look of the piece.
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The above are some of the DIY coffee table ideas that you can use for creating a quality and beautiful coffee table just the way you want.