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Are you looking for land for sale? Then you want to find places to find the best land opportunities. Land is sold every days in the US, and some of it is in ways you wouldn’t expect. Keep reading to learn more about buying land.

First, you can go the old-fashioned way and check the classified ads for land for sale. You might be surprised, but every day, many newspapers have ads by land sellers. You can search local papers, county papers, city and town websites, etc. You could be surprised by the good deals you find; after all, many people don’t look for ads in the newspaper anymore.

Second, you can always put out your own Land Wanted ad. Sometimes owners will sit on a piece of land because they don’t want to hassle with advertising it. Many people also don’t want to give an agent a commission when they sell it.

For you, it’s always better to buy direct to save money. Prices are lower and getting bank financing is hard; there is nothing built on the property. It’s a risk for a lender to give funds for land, so you will probably need cash or do owner financing.

Third, you can try land sale outlets and property portals. Unless you hunt for them, you won’t find companies that deal with for sale by owner land. These are smaller companies that are like an online classified ad site. You can find some good deals and sometimes pay below market value by buying from sellers who need to unload a piece of land fast.

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Fourth, try contacting landowners yourself. But this only works if you know the area and are after a specific piece of land. The best way to do this is send a letter or give them a call.

Buyers that have cash are more likely to get an offer than someone who doesn’t have financing.

Last, you can try a government land sale. You are working with an entity that has no tax liens or other issues with the property.

There are government surplus land sales. Many of the land parcels for sale were forfeited for many reasons. Or, you can try a government auction.

These are the major ways that you can find a good land opportunity. Be ready to do some work to uncover a good deal on your own, because there is a lot of competition.