Home Designs

The Gardens in San Pedro, California, are a group of the finest townhomes in the area! Offering over one thousand units in different places, these homes are both beautiful and luxurious. You will also notice that they have a lovely charm to each house, a decadent yard, and each home looks as if it just stepped onto the red carpet. No matter what particular look you are trying to find, they have it for you.

What They Can Provide

Every section of the home has its unique amenities. When you live in The Gardens Townhomes in San Pedro, California, the basic amenities are just the start, and the only people who can use them are the residents. Examples of what these can include are these.

  • Private kitchens
  • Private pools
  • Tennis courts
  • Gardens
  • Walkways

These options are perfect for relaxing, having fun, and creating lasting memories with your loved ones.

You Are Safe Here

Another reason you should move into the gardens right away? Your safety is a number one priority. The Gardens has proven that it is incredibly safe and that it has everything your family needs to be safe and healthy without worrying. Many people have lived in these houses their entire lives and never once had a single issue.

They Like Dogs

Puppies and dogs are welcome here too! Who doesn’t love dogs, right? Well, if you are a fan of dogs, or you own one, you will know that it can be improbable to find a great home that will let you have a dog. With The Gardens, that worry is history. They have a friendly policy regarding dogs, and there is a lovely park just across the street from these homes.

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When it comes to pricing, you need to remember that you get what you pay for. If the price is a little more than you thought, before you balk at the number, remember what it is that they are offering you that others can’t provide at all. To live in The Gardens, the approximate cost of a home can range from five hundred thousand dollars to eight hundred thousand dollars. However, residents have said they feel it’s worth the price.

A Beautiful Home

Many families need a beautiful home, and The Gardens are the perfect place to come and live if you have a family or even if it’s just a husband and wife. The beauty of these houses offers a feeling of homely comfort along with the happiness that comes from owning your own home. Get yours today and experience the wonder for yourself!