Budget Friendly 6 Decorating Tips

A beautiful home is something that is most coveted as it is the safe sanctuary that we look forward to returning to at the end of the day.  But most people think that achieving a beautiful home décor happens to be an expensive affair.

The idea of purchasing the décor pieces along with the paints, brush and other ingredients can get overwhelming for anyone and this is especially the case when one has a tight budget.  When you are trying to do all on a low budget, it can seem to be insurmountable.

But that is not the case. Here are some of the tips that can create the interior designs for your dream home without making a dent in your pocket. Just read on.

  1. Repurpose What You Have – Prior to starting to blow your tiny budget on the new purchases look at what to start with. Do you have any pieces from where you can strip off the decorative element to make them look good? You should sand down mismatched wooden furniture and use similar stains to make them match better! You can whitewash on the too-heavy and counted pieces of furniture or make use of the defective paint can from your local hardware store to add fun details without investing much.
  2. Get Rid of the Mini Blinds – The clacking blinds can wreak havoc on your interiors. Most of the apartment buildings have windows that are standard-sized and so you can easily find woven shades or ready-made fabric and even the curtains that work.
  3. Paint an Accent Wall – Painting the walls is one of the most cost-effective decorative updates that you can make to your home. But when on a shoe-string budget the two cans of dollar 30 paint required to paint the bedroom can put you out. You should paint an accent wall instead. Just a quart that covers upto 100 square feet or 2.5 litres for 260 square feet are all you need to cover the single wall that can make an impact.
  4. Upgrade the Light Fixtures – The unattractive and cheap light fixtures are ruining your interiors to a great extent. So try to change them. If you live in a rental house, talk with the landlord that you want to change them, and you are going to put back the original when you leave. So now replace the old and worn-out ceiling lights with the modern lights like pendants. 
  5. Get Rid of the Unappealing Items – Before starting to worry about what you can and cannot afford to purchase, you should think about what you should do away with. Worn, dated or damaged pieces of furniture are deteriorating the look of the interiors. So if they are not something essential removing them can give your home a clean slate. The vertical blinds are one of the most common offenders. So are the worn-out college posters that you are not getting rid of. Do away with them and your home is bound to have a refreshed look.
  6. Mix Up the Trendy and the Timeless – For the major remodelling items as well as the big-ticket items you should choose something timeless like neutral tones. But in case of light fixtures and accessories you can go for trendy as you can change them easily when the trend goes away.
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The above are some of the ways you can decorate your space at an affordable rate. Apart from the above, you should also avoid anything that is not an absolute mandate for your home. When you need them, you can always go for hiring them like opting for chair or sofa hire when there are guests and you need extra pieces for the seating.