Living room furniture ideas

So are you planning to move in a new house? Have you rented a new place? Or are you thinking of re designing your home? Whatever it is, it is going to be great to plan on the new look and search for different options. Let’s be honest, it is quite interesting, a makeover. Be it for you or for the house. You get to try out new things, buy new stuff and arrange them in a different manner and that gives you a chance to completely alter the look of your house. But at the same time, it is a tough decision. And here are ten simple points that you can keep in mind while redecorating the living room or while rearranging the furniture.

Maintain the distance between the wall and the furniture

This is one basic thing you must keep in mind while rearranging the furniture. It is not a good idea to splash it right against the wall. If it is a big space, then you can plan the seating arrangement in the middle leaving lots of space between the walls and the furniture. If, however it is a small place, you still want to leave some space in between as it would make the room look breezy.

Arrange it keeping in mind that the conversations would happens

You also know it, living rooms make for the best conversation spots and you don’t want to have the space set up in a way that no conversations can take place. It is nice to keep in mind that people would talk to each other in the room. So it is preferred to have the sofas and chairs face each other. If it is a large room, then you can have many small spots for conversations.

Maintain the balance

Balance is always important for everything, even while you are decorating. As you are arranging your furniture and deciding where to put the items, you want to keep a check on the size and the number and see that the room looks balanced.

Consider Movement space

If you are going to be seated there, of course there is going to be movement and you don’t want to see yourself or your guests tripping over the furniture every now and them. Keep adequate space for walking and try avoiding any furniture in the area where there will be too much movement.


It can be really good to have different kind of furniture. Don’t go too much with that and have every piece different, but you can have two or three options. It will be pleasing to the eyes. .

Use the Right Size Rug

As you are placing the furniture, make sure you have the right kind of rug for it. Make sure it fits the space. Abruptly put rug can destroy the entire look of the living room.

Get a nice Coffee Table

It is nice to have the sofas fit perfectly around the room. But not having the right kind of coffee table in between them can destroy the whole look. Get the right coffee table, the size and the pattern that matches the entire look and feel of the room.

Put Tables at Arm’s Length

You don’t want the table to be too far away from the seats. Not only will it look odd but it will also be inconvenient for you or the guests to pick something from it. It is best to keep the table at an arms length.

Think about the lighting in the room

As you are busy setting up the furniture, do not forget that lighting is also an important part of the living room. Have sufficient lighting in the room and place your furniture in the right direction to get proper lights around them.

Use the Right Size Artwork

It is up to you to decide what kind of artwork you want to place in the living room. You can choose sculptures or you might want to hang a painting on the adjacent wall or you might be a flower person. But whatever artwork you choose, keep it in accordance with the theme. If you are planning and event, you can get help from exhibition furniture hire and they can help you with the seating arrangement planning as well.