The earliest recording of window shades is from the Chinese by binding bamboo together. They hung these blinds to their doorways to obtain privacy. This was also done by Egyptians for the same particular reason. For more than centuries, blinds have been used for the same purpose; for making every home private and protecting the household from the harsh sunlight and UV rays.

Now, we have a new trend in setting up homes; this is called smart home technology. This is having appliances at your home automated wherein you can control everything with your smartphone using an app connecting to your smart hub as a form of communication.

For instance, a smart bulb can be set on a specific brightness, it can also automatically turn on or off depending on its settings and function; smart refrigerators can detect the number of calories that you consume in every meal; smart windows and doors could be locked automatically; moisture sensors know when there are leaks present in your home; and thermostats could determine your house’s temperature as you please. These are some of the functions of a few smart appliances that would be an essential part of your lovely abode. One helpful, smart device invented is the smart shades or also known as the remote control blinds.

Remote control blinds are just like regular blinds but improved for perfection and easy usage. With one click of a remote, your blinds could open or close as you want to. Maybe, you are wondering that you should just purchase traditional blinds for your windows instead of modern ones that could be controlled by the tips of your fingers. Here are several reasons why you should have an upgrade:

  • They are a great illusion for potential burglars – Having a smart blind gives you that Home Alone effect where you can pretend that there are people inside the house, but in reality, you’re all in vacation. You can open and close these blinds any time you want using the smartphone that gives others the illusion that someone is still present at your house.
  • ●       Smart windows are customizable to many window types – Unlike traditional blinds, remote control blinds can be customised on whatever shape your windows are which means that your choice of windows at the first place would not even matter in choosing whether or not you are going to have remote control blinds.
  • They are more convenient to use- Remote control blinds are more convenient than ordinary ones because they can be controlled anywhere. Also, these blinds have machines that would control its movement which means that there is no way your kid or your pet could play with those long strings that cause for it to tangle.
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Even the simplest of items cannot escape the great effects of modernization, and technological advancement, one of these examples is the window blinds. If you are willing to buy new blinds, you’re lucky because we got you covered. This infographic from TechYourSpace tells you the benefits of having remote control blinds and the best one that you should buy in the market.

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