Limited Home Space
Limited Home Space

The spring season arriving means longer, brighter days with fresh floral smells being carried on a cool breeze. Now is the perfect time to spruce up your living space with a whole new vibe to match outside. Here are a few ways to brighten up your home and bring in the spring.

1. Bring on the Florals in a New Way — Of course the first thing to come to mind when we hear talk of springtime is budding flowers. It can be hard to keep on top of constantly having fresh flowers around though. Whenever it’s not possible to keep new flowers in rotation on the kitchen table, stock up on candles instead! You can fill your space with the springtime sensation of a just-picked bouquet without any of the wilting or messy vase water. A floral scented candle is an easy, low-maintenance way to bring spring into your space this year.

2. Choose Accessories with a Purpose — The best pieces of home decor are the ones that you choose with intention to bring you joy. This spring, decorate your shelves and entry tables with items that have the ability to brighten your mood and space. The best items stir up a sweet nostalgic feeling and make you smile. Maybe it’s a book gifted by someone you love that you leave on your nightstand or a reed diffuser with a scent inspired by your hometown to lift you up when times get tough. Whatever you choose, be sure to select items that are aesthetically pleasing and fill you with positive thoughts.

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3. MixLight Neutrals with Pops of Color — Typically, springtime is associated with bright colors like sunshine and fields of wildflowers. If you’re not a fan of using bright colors when decorating, that’s okay. You can still achieve a fresh spring look in your space without painting the walls bright shades of fuchsia or yellow.

Instead, choose light neutral colors like creams, beige or taupe, and mix in pops of springtime colors throughout your decor. A real or fake potted plant adds a dash of bright green in the corner of any room. An orange throw pillow or lemon patterned dish towel brings brightness into a space. Choosing a few bright colors to sprinkle in with a room’s neutral theme is an efficient, easy way to adjust to a new season. Still need some ideas to get the ball rolling? Cream colored candles match every style of room and are easy to add in with the brighter colors of a bookcase or table centerpiece. Rugs with calming neutral tones bring a sense of zen to a room with colored furniture. This spring, focus your decor on universally loved neutral shades and add in little splashes of color to create a perfectly balanced season aesthetic.

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4. Make Way For What’s Needed — A must-do for anyone who lives in a place with true seasonal weather changes is to update the visible space in your closet for what’s getting used currently. Be sure to store away heavy winter sweaters and blankets that are taking up valuable, limited spots in your easily accessed areas. Once you store away winter items, you can move spring items front and center in your closet. Keep unused items to harder-to-reach areas for more efficient use of your space and a seasonally appropriate vibe.

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5. Add a Bowl of Seasonal Produce — The produce that’s in season and freshest will vary depending on the region you live in. In addition to tasting better, studies actually show that eating food items in season right after they’ve been locally harvested is more nutritious for you. What better way is there to get into the current mood of the season than eating for it? Ask your local market what’s in season for spring and use it to brighten up your kitchen space and get some nutritious snacks in too!

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6. Design Your Space Around Your Goal — Our goals can change just as often as the seasons do, so why not design your space around it? If your goal for the spring season is to work out more, try setting up a gym bag cubby near your doorway. Really wanting to read more this season? Use your “To Be Read” pile of books as entryway or nightstand decor. If you want to make time to garden more, set up your herb garden or flower box right outside the window you look out the most. Swap around the layout of your space depending on the goals you want to achieve during that time of year. Take the effort out of needing to remember what’s important and create a fail-proof system simply using your room decor.

7. Enter Through a Spring-Themed Door — Wreaths hung on a door (whether faux or real) aren’t just for the holiday time. A year-round or springtime wreath with small flowers or even plain greenery, is a lovely way to create a welcoming entrance to your home this season. In addition to a non-holiday wreath, also try switching up your entryway doormat or layering a large patterned mat underneath a smaller one. You and your guests will feel the joy of a new, fresh season every time you come or go from you home.

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To summarize, it’s easier than you think to add a few doses of springtime into your space. Spruce up your layout and home decor by choosing items to intentionally brighten your mood when you see or smell them. We love a neutral theme with pops of color, accented by floral candles and fresh produce. Try these tips out and enjoy the spring sensation in your own home!