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Around the world, Wasps pose a threat and are a nuisance to people from the city to the suburbs, but things can be done to prevent them. Wasp will sting when they are agitated and can attack you if you have a Wasp nest on your property, especially when they feel their nest is threatened.

Having nesting Wasp indoor is potentially hazardous to property. Wasps like to build their nests in gutters where there is plenty of material, which can block them up and possibly cause drainage problems.

Furthermore, the queen creates a nest, she begins to breed quickly, and the nest can grow to the size of a football or even larger within days. If you are one of the thousands of people who suffer from Wasp sting allergies, being stung can be very dangerous to your health or even fatal. Sweet food and drinks are attractive to Wasps.

They are a nuisance and sting around picnics and outdoor eating areas. Wasps that nest in the loft have been known to get into domestic water tanks and eventually make their way onto shower filter and to water outlets. Pets are usually vulnerable if you have Wasps in your property. Children are also in danger if you have Wasps or Wasp nest. Know that nighttime is the best time to kill Wasps. Wasps are notoriously evil to humans

Use a Drione Dust Insecticide

To apply it, you will use a B&G bulb Dust-R. Put the dust into the bulb and squeeze it into the opening of the wasps’ nest. This is very effective for underground wasp nest. For effective result, it should be done at night when they are sleeping in their beds. So, the dust goes down and fills all the cabins within the nest. It penetrates their exoskeleton and makes them lethargic, eventually dehydrate them.

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Use Wasp Repelling Plants

Grow some wasp repelling plants such as Spearmint, Thyme and Citronella. They are natural deterrents as wasp do not like them. Also when you have wasps in your garden, make sure to wear insect repellants if you are going to be outside. Also, avoid perfume as it attracts wasps too.

Use Neutral Colors in Garden

Wasps love really bright colors, so make sure garden items are in neutral colors. Yellow and Red are particular favorites, thus should be avoided.

Keep food sealed

Keep food in sealed containers wherever possible, especially outdoor. Choose picnic drinks and snacks that are not sweet to reduce the attraction of wasps. Do not use water, fire or try hitting a wasp nest; this method will not get rid of it. In reality, it will further induce the wasps to sting and attack you. In conclusion, call a professional residential or commercial pest controller to remove the wasp problem for you. Do not attempt to remove a wasp nest by yourself. Most people cannot tell whether wasp is aggressive or not but they do run at the sight of a wasp.