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Have the neighbors been keeping you up all night? Has your commute to and from work become unbearable? Are the schools in the area less than desirable for your growing kids? These could all be signs you’re in need of a new home.

While this sizable task may feel like more than you’re currently ready to take on, it could be better for everyone in the long run. If you’re having trouble justifying the move or still on the fence about it, here are a few more of the common signs it’s time to search for a new place to live.

In the U.S., one of the top reasons for moving is a new job or a transfer within the company. Whether it’s to accelerate a career or drive business to a new geographical location, these circumstances calling for a job-related move could be an exciting breath of fresh air for the whole family. It could also tie into another main reason for moving: money.

Financial situations change. It’s a fact of life. If something has made a major impact on your household income, for better or for worse, it may be time to make a change. Experts recommend a family not exceed a housing cost of more than 28% of the household’s monthly income before taxes. If retirement, health issues or job loss has put you in an unsustainable state of affairs such as this, it might be best to downsize.

Another sign may be changes in the family. It could be you’re growing the household by adding little ones, pets or by bringing in aging parents. Or the opposite could be true and you’re about to have an empty nest or a relationship has ended. These changes, and others like them, may be pointing to a new home being on the horizon.

Home should be somewhere you feel safe and secure. If crime has risen in the area or the neighborhood is heading in the wrong direction, it may be prudent to move. What’s more, you may want to get out sooner rather than later, as these factors could make renting or selling your place more difficult.

From work to family to finances, there are several reasons why it may be time to move. If you foresee a relocation in your near future, be sure to start planning well ahead of the big day. Take hiring moving specialists, decluttering and responsible budgeting into careful consideration. That way, you’re better prepared for whatever the move — and life — throws your way.

For additional signs it may be time to relocate, please see the accompanying resource.

Infographic provided by Careful Movers, a professional packing and moving company