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The ideal moving in situation is for the new place to be completely ready for occupancy on the day of your arrival. However, at times, this is not what some new tenants find. Necessary renovations and repairs are not yet done. Plus, in some instances, utility companies have yet to restore or install the electrical and water supply.

This can be quite frustrating if you’re the new tenant of a house that’s not yet move-in ready despite the schedule you were provided with. However, there really is not much that you can do about it other than to wait and think of solutions to manage the situation the best way you can. And when it comes to managing this big hassle of a situation, there are helpful tips that you can follow, five of them are provided below.

1. Find affordable temporary accommodation.

Keep your stress level low and find a place nearby to stay that is comfortable and safe. This is particularly important if you are supposed to get back to work after your initial move-in date. Try to establish some normalcy with your routine despite the situation.

It would, of course, be a great alternative to temporarily stay at a relative’s or friend’s house located near your new address. But if you have no one you know in your new neighborhood that can accommodate you for the time being, then you’ve no choice but to make do with temporary lodgings elsewhere.

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2. Get a local removalist company involved.

Say, the house is still being painted. Naturally, you will not feel safe keeping your appliances, furniture and other belongings around, in case they get splattered with paint. Call a local removalist company for help.

They can come over to your place and pack your goods in a module and transport everything to their storage facility.

When the house becomes officially ready for move-in, all you have to do is give the company a call to retrieve your belongings from their storage facility.

3. Take advantage of the “down time” and plan for your new home.

Visit the house as often as you can and thoughtfully decide where everything should go. Doing this will turn whatever disappointment or frustration you are feeling into excitement and inspiration.

Evaluate the space and take into consideration its potentials and drawbacks. This way, when the work is done and you can finally move in all of your belongings, you will already have an idea of the best places to display or store them. This will make your or the home removals job so much easier.

There are home decorating apps that you can also download to your phone or tablet PC and use for this purpose. The apps will make this task more effective and efficient, as well as fun. You should also check out home decorating sites to get more ideas on how to spruce up your pieces of furniture to make them complement the interior design of the house.

4. Go shopping.

After seeing the potential of your new home, you may want to act on fresh design inspirations. Check out home depots, furniture stores, and even yard sales in the area to see if they have both functional and decorative pieces to turn your design ideas into reality. And do not forget local nurseries – you may want to plant in new bulbs in the garden or purchase indoor plants.

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The idea here is to use the time that you have to stay inspired because if you don’t, you will likely just feel more frustrated with the situation.

5. Get to know the neighborhood.

Explore the community and meet people. This will take the boredom out of waiting.

Get to know the different local spots that you may want to hang out at such as cafés, bookstores, novelty stores, and even the community center or park.

Also, it’s nice to establish new connections – people whom you can meet up with and turn to now that you live in a different place. Once you have settled into your new place, you can set up a get-together with new friends and feel more at home.

New friends can likewise invite you over into their own homes. This will provide you valuable insight into the typical lifestyle within the community you have moved into.

Move forward; look forward

Making the best out of a situation is really all you can do in this case. It would not help to be frustrated and angry – just take productive steps instead as you wait.

Continue following up on the work to heighten the sense or urgency for its completion. And, once the house is finally ready, you can move in and look forward to your new life in your new neighborhood.

Infographic provided by True Friends Moving Company