Scaffolding blog

A scaffold is a common structure used in many construction sites across Australia. 

Almost all construction sites require the use of some form of scaffolding, even if single level. 

Scaffolding companies have many responsibilities in order to ensure the safety of the construction workers as well as the general public residing in the area. 

A professional scaffolding company knows how to design a platform that suits the exact requirements of your construction site. 

They will also ensure that all required permits and insurance are in place when erecting scaffolding in your construction site. 

Safety is paramount when it comes to construction projects. 

Scaffolding safety is a primary responsibility of the scaffolding company that rents or hires the platform. 

The company should meet a number of legal requirements, legislation, and regulations before erecting scaffolding platforms on your construction premises. 

The company should assign a competent person to look after the safety of the platform as well as the workers who use it. 

If your construction project runs on shifts, there should be a competent person for each shift to guarantee the safety of the platform. 

This article provides information on what safety obligations scaffolding companies have. This includes the following:

  • User Safety
  • Public Safety
  • Safety Inspections
  • Working At Heights
  • Scaffolding Requirements

User Safety

Working on scaffolding should be safe and secure for the construction worker. 

The worker shouldn’t be placed under any sort of risk or danger due to the negligence of the scaffolding company. 

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The scaffolding company is responsible for providing the necessary safety instructions so that the worker knows what to do and not to do when working on a scaffold. 

The construction worker should also be provided with all the necessary safety equipment when working on the platform.

Hard hats, protective clothing, boots, and gloves are essential depending on the type of work the person does. 

There should be a competent person overseeing all the safety measures of the scaffold. User safety is a prime obligation of the scaffolding company.

Public Safety

A poorly erected platform can cause injury and damage to the property or a member of the public. 

The construction service may lose a considerable amount of money and suffer significant reputation damage if such a thing happens. 

That is why a scaffolding company should be extremely cautious of the right safety measures to safeguard the public when erecting and maintaining a scaffold. 

The scaffolding company should always have a public liability insurance policy to deal with such situations should they arise. 

This type of insurance will protect you against the potential financial losses caused due to injury or damage to the property. 

The company is responsible to make sure that the scaffold is safely erected and safe for work. 

They should assign a competent person and conduct regular safety checks to avoid unfortunate accidents on-site. 

The individual user is responsible for following the safety instructions of the scaffolding company and using the platform accordingly and safely.

Safety Inspections

Most of the time, the scaffolding company should apply for a permit to erect a platform in a specific location. 

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This is especially required when the scaffolding is erected on a public highway – including footpaths. 

Regardless of where the platform is erected, safety inspections and re-inspections are essential to the safety of the structure. 

A competent person should be appointed by the scaffolding company to check the safety of the structure before it is used for the first time. 

When there are any alterations to the platform or in extreme weather conditions, the structure should be reinspected for safety. 

Safety inspections should be a regular occurrence by a competent person appointed by the scaffolding company.

Working At Heights

The construction workers who will work on the platform should have undergone training to safely work at heights. 

This type of training is crucial to the safety of every worker on the platform. The height of the scaffolding presents a number of safety hazards. 

Workers on the platform run the risk of falling and falling objects can prove deadly at times. 

These things are important considerations in order to guarantee the safety of the people who work at heights.

Scaffolding Requirements

It is important that you hire a scaffolding company that abides by all the safety regulations and requirements. 

Your research is important when it comes to finding a reputable and experienced scaffolding company in the Sydney area. 

The company should have a good reputation for meeting deadlines and guaranteeing the safety of scaffolding users.