In the modern-day world, our lifestyle or living standards depend thoroughly on the items that we possess. When it comes to a subtle and simple lifestyle, many of us today prefer to go in for minimalistic living because we have had enough to do with worldly things. Whether you belong to the ultra-modern class of people or are traditional and have a conservative look towards life, here are seven home items that your residence must have so that you can go about living life the way you want to.

  • The fridge

It is one versatile item that is indispensable. Whether you love to drink chilled water or the elusive ice-cream is a must-have during the hot summers, the fridge is an evergreen item because it makes many everyday tasks easy for most of us. It never fails to disappoint you with its grit and power by keeping your food fresh or helping retain veggies and fruits’ nutrient value. One household item that is no more a luxury even though it is counted as under white goods. While the very-adaptable single-door fridge reminds us of our childhood days, today, there are multiple variations to pick from – French door style, side by side doors, and the double door fridges. There are many options in the type of cooling it offers, ranging from bottom freezer styles to the conventional freezer on the top style.

  • Washing machine

Manually washing clothes is one of the most cumbersome household works. It entails spending a good part of your day and time, which are is so rare. Whether you are working from home or have to rush out to the office every morning, having a

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best washing machine at home is truly a blessing. It is an essential requirement of most households today because it makes life easy and straightforward. Even a family with a modest lifestyle has an automatic or semi-automatic washing machine at home for comfort and seamless working.

  • Television

If you have a liking for modest and humble living, you will, for sure, have at least one television in the house that facilitates family time every evening. On TV on the living room wall where everyone can catch up after sunset – share their stories for the day and have some meaningful catching up with the rest of the family. Some families even prefer to have televisions in their bedrooms to catch up with one of their favorite streaming series privately.

  • A sofa set

A comfortable sofa in the living room is a must for all families that believe in modest living. After all, it is here that you entertain guests and relatives and also spend time during the weekend lazing around, catching up with the other family members staying at the house. Even if the sofa set remains unoccupied for most of the day or the week, it is a must-have for those lovely mornings and evenings when you want to relax and rest with the phone on silent mode.

  • Dining table

It is another household item that is most commonly found in homes because it helps unite the family. It is the dining table that witnesses moments of love and care, fun and enjoyment, teasing and leg-pulling, of fights and accusations. The dining table stands as an eternal piece as it handles all such emotions on varied degrees daily. Not to forget that it also gets to taste the delicacies that the family eats together. And, is dressed up impeccably every time there are guests over for a party.

  • Air coolers
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The cooler is one that is pocket-friendly and yet never disappoints you with the gust of fresh and cool air during hot and dry summers. Whether you are rich or poor, you reside in a city or a village, having air coolers to cool your indoors is easy on the electric bills and kind to the environment. Unlike its high and mighty cousin, the air-conditioner, the air cooler is a subtle electrical device that creates a zone of impeccable comfort within the four walls of your home. Using the cooler does a lot of good to your health, the ecology, and your pocket. Technological advancements have touched upon the cooler, too – many features make it smart and cost-effective, all at the same time.

  • Bluetooth speakers

The only item missing here is music, and that is why the Bluetooth speakers under 2000 are one of the must-have home items for a modest living. It is easy on your pocket and well within the means of most families. While home theaters are way too costly for many of us to afford, not having a good set of speakers can often make you yearn for good music. A smartphone or the TV is, of course, there, but when you need to entertain or spend some time alone, it is a good-quality Bluetooth speaker that is going to do the magic.

These are the seven home items that make your simple and minimal living worthwhile! With many brands manufacturing high-quality products at reasonable prices, you can sit back and have a rocking time at home.

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