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7 DIY Coffee Table Ideas

7 DIY Coffee Table Ideas

A good cup of morning coffee is the best medicine for almost all problems and anxiety of any coffee-addict and undoubtedly, most of us are guilty of being one. But for the...
house party tips

Top Tips for a Budget-friendly Indoor Birthday Party

Birthdays are special and we leave no stones unturned to make them mind-blowing for the hosts.But this creates a lot of crunch in the pocket. However, there is nothing to fret...
Living room furniture ideas

How to plan the seating in the living room in the most efficient way

So are you planning to move in a new house? Have you rented a new place? Or are you thinking of re designing your home? Whatever it is, it is going...
6 Tips for Hosting Successful Corporate Events

How to make the event look professional and fun

Parties sound so great. The whole idea of being in a place, surrounded by people you love, just standing, laughing, enjoying yourself. But this is all when you are invited to...
6 Home Décor Tips

A guide to help you make the house look gorgeous during the festivals

Festivals bring so much of joy. The street are lit up, houses decorated, everyone is in a relaxed mood and everything seems great. But at the same time so much work...

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